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Media Highlight

Below are some media highlight on my works, click the title to read more!

Teinopalpus aureus is an IUCN data-deficient butterfly species that faces multiple threats (climate change, habitat degradation, & illegal poaching) inferred by the species distribution models we developed. We emphasized cross-border conservation when ecological information of threatened species is lacking.


Xing et al., Biological Conservation, 2019 


Teinopalpus aureus

Climate change has caused species to change their distribution, which was studied in the temperate regions. A tropical species, Euripus nyctelius, also changed its distribution and arrived in Hong Kong in 2007.  This is an alarming signal that tropical species are also facing serious threats from climate change. 


Au et al., Journal of Insect Science, 2019 

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​Credit: SCMP

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