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Science Communication

​Credit: Faculty of Science, HKU

Science should not only limit to the experts. As a scientist, it is our responsibility to deliver scientific knowledge to the general public. Children, high school students, undergraduates, and other under-represented groups in STEM have huge potential to advance scientific development. It is necessary to bring up their interest in science through scientific outreach. 

Invited Presentations

​Credit: RTHK

Maintaining a good relationship and connection with other experts in the science community is crucial for facilitating research development, knowledge exchange and sharing outreach experience. I have been actively participating both regional and international professional academic conferences. Below are some conferences I attended. 


Colloquium Series, Department of Geography, Indiana University

Forest demographic shift alters drought responses


Ecology and Biodiversity Seminar, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

From Oaks to Maples: species compositional shifts in eastern US forests increase late-season drought impact on forest growth


Summer Research Fellowship Experience Sharing. Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong

Conference Presentations

Southeast Asian Paleo Environments Consortium, Vietnam

Demographic shifts in eastern US forests increases the impact of late-season drought on forest growth

6th China Dendrochronology Conference Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Forest compositional shift induces higher late-season drought impacts in the eastern United States

Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Louisville

Species-specific responses of radial growth to moisture variability indicate a greater impact of drought with forest mesophication in the eastern United States

Species on the Move South Africa

Mesophication from oak to maple: a tree-ring perspective in the forests of eastern United States

The possible role of climate change in bringing a new butterfly species (Euripus nyctelius) to Hong Kong

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Species-specific tree growth responses to climate change on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau

10th World Dendro Conference Thimphu, Bhutan

Species-specific tree growth response to drought in the Eastern United States

I have been passing along my passion for the nature to the people around me by sharing my experiences in the field and research results. I have been actively involving high school students to let them gain first-hand field and research experience. I hope they would realize the diversity of different living forms around them and the importance of our nature to the mankind. 

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