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Forest Dynamics & Species-specific Responses to Changing Climate

Forests have a significant control on water and carbon balance. Improved understanding on various components in the forests to climate allows better estimation on those cycles. I use dendroecological 

approach to examine forest sensitivity and dynamics at both spatial and temporal scale.

Distribution, Compositional Shifts and Climate Change

A species shifts its original distribution in response to changing climate and often results in compositional shift in a community. I use species distribution models (SDM) to project future species distribution and analyze the responses of the resulting community to climate extremes.

Conservation of Threatened Species and Ecosystems

Maintaining high biodiversity is beneficial to human society. It is achieved by assessing the vulnerability of species and ecosystems to climate change and other threats. The ultimate goal of such assessment is to inform a better and prioritize conservation management. The fragile ecosystems and species are my current conservation priority.

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